Bespoke Refrigeration Rooms To Keep Your Products Safe

In order to provide excellent quality products to the consumer, local food systems must utilize rapid cooling and cold storage technology. In the past thirty years, the number of local farms increased tremendously; thus, the potential need for energy-efficient refrigeration room units is growing as well. It is also essential for vegetable farmers to preserve product quality and extend their revenue.

Refrigeration rooms are vital in several applications and are uniquely designed low temperatures refrigeration room for the storage of different products. Our precision in the manufacturing process and the quality instruments we use ensure the temperatures will always remain at desired levels. Some of the applications include food and drink manufacture/ retail, pharmaceutical/medical, horticulture, morgues, and funeral homes. The refrigeration room are commercially sized, and it can also be customized to fit a specific space. The refrigeration room offers cold storage of bulk goods and allows vehicle access as well.

We use flat panels for the walls, ceilings, and floors in the construction of refrigeration rooms. All these will be assembled with highly efficient and insulated materials. They are specially designed to meet food safety requirements. Stainless steel is a common choice of surface material. Our freezer room design use panels that make the assembly a less complicated process and, ultimately, a hygienic storage space. We also offer refrigeration room doors that cater to a variety of designs. The fundamentals of our door installation are to keep the temperature under control and maintaining the thing’s hygiene and safety.

At Africhill, we provide refrigeration room and modular cold storage rooms of different size for numerous applications. We design and install all the products that meet the client’s precise needs. When it comes to refrigeration room design, clients have different requirements. We evaluate the client’s needs and come up with the best product that will remain fruitful to your purpose. Our refrigeration room options are available for both small and large scale applications as well. When designing your industrial cold storage, we consider all your needs into consideration. Besides that, we also take care of the available budget as well. Our job is to ensure clients get efficient storage without compromising the quality of refrigeration rooms.

Everything else comes after evaluating the need of the client and their budget. The free access in refrigeration room design is one of the most significant factors to keep in mind. Also, the room will be bulk enough to store as per the mentioned quantity. The workforce is flexible to get around and work efficiently. The entry and exit points in our refrigeration room are unique, and we give credence during its designing and assembling. The other aspect of the design is the size, and it will depend on the needs and the budget of clients. Our prime aim is to come up with a distinctive design element that allows the client to control their storage, distribution, and supply.

The refrigeration rooms are critical components in every food supply chain. Without rapid cooling and appropriate storage conditions, the products or the perishable stocks deteriorates rapidly. It wills also resulting in the loss of nutrition and even spoilage of entire commodities as well. All our refrigeration rooms are ideal for perishable foods, pharmaceuticals, or other items, vegetables, and dairy products. Such refrigeration checks both bacterial growth and adverse chemical reactions that occur in the normal atmosphere.

Whatever your design ideas, we can accommodate you here at Africhill. If you require any further information, do not hesitate to give us a call on +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or +27 (0) 11 396 2402 today!