Cold Room Panels in South Africa

We at Africhill are your one-stop solution for cold room panel needs in South Africa. Whether you are looking for cold room panels in South Africa for commercial or residential needs, we cover it all. We design and manufacture our insulated panels for cold rooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers as well as construction industries using the top-quality materials, which insure proper insulation and robustness.

Our factory comprises of state-of-the-art machinery and computerized equipment to enable mass production of incomparable quality. We can manufacture up to 3500m2 of panel daily with our extensive production lines.

Panel Machine

With our production lines we can manufacture up to 3500m2 a day.

Types of Cold Room Panels We Manufacture

We manufacture two different types of insulated panels at our factory that include:

  • Flat or fluted wall and ceiling panels.
  • IBR type insulated roof panels

Flat/ Fluted Insulated Panels

The insulated panels which we manufacture at our factory are made using the best quality raw materials. All our panels are made of EPS insulation, glued under heat and pressure with two-ply polyurethane glue to 0.5mm chromadek plates. This type of bonding ensures strength, durability, and a stable structure. Our insulated panels offer a unique tongue-and-groove joining method for ensuring accurate sealing and stability. This tight fitting way of joining panels ensure proper insulation even on the joints. There is no need to use silicon or glue, which further certifies it as a water-sealed structure. Our panels have an effective width of 1185mm and can be of any length. The thickness of these panel ranges are 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm. These panels can be ordered in Crème, or white. The density of these panels are standard 16DV but can be upgraded to 20DV, 24DV or 30DV.

IBR Insulated Roof Panels

The IBR insulated roof panels which we manufacture comes in a standard set width of 986mm and any length can be produced. These roof panels come in different thicknesses, i.e. 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. You can order these panels in Crème, Beige, or white. The density of these panels are standard 16DV but can be upgraded to 20DV, 24DV or 30DV.

To know more about the cold room panels that we manufacture at Africhill, contact us today!