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Africhill offers high quality cold rooms that are designed as storage facilities that maintain the required temperature to store items. Africhill designs cold rooms for every type of industry. Relax! Being dedicated to offering the best to the market is why Afripanels is highly trusted.

Africhill is fully equipped to offer the best products to its customers. Designing, manufacturing, and installing are done professionally by trained staff at Africhill. Get the right quality product that meets your industry’s demands very well. Every product is manufactured keeping in mind they serve highest quality performance. Thus, for dedication to offering clients the best value, Africhill is one of the leading manufacturers for whole of Africa market.

Cold Rooms of premium quality: For installation of cold rooms, Africhill uses high quality insulated panels which are pre-manufactured as per the requirements of clients. Every panel is made using Aluminum or Zinc which are laminated on fire retardant Polystyrene. There are skilled professionals to offer the best quality insulated panels, they manufacture flat and fluted panels of higher structural strength. The best of Africhill’s cold room is the energy efficient panels that helps save on electricity bills. Thus, there is nothing to worry about when there is such a leading company to offer you cold rooms that rightly fits your requirements.

The skilled professionals construct cold room using these efficient modular panels, which they design carefully according to the demands of clients. Moreover, there are options between pre-assembled cold rooms or Do-It-Yourself. Whatever be the requirements, Africhill can customize products for your industry efficiently.

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Relax, there are friendly staff to address your queries regarding cold room needs, they are very courteous to help clients at each step.

Africhill uses high performance materials that offer excellent quality to the market. Moreover, Africhill develops according to growing demands, which makes the company one of the most reliable options to be trusted.

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Africhill is dedicated to offering products that are safer to the environment and made using precision to give the best value to the market served.

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