DIY Cold Rooms and Freezer Rooms

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We at Africhill are one of the leading manufacturers of DIY cold rooms and freezer rooms throughout South Africa. We take pride in designing the most efficient and best solutions for enterprises, farmers, and neighbouring countries. The cold chain industry in these regions is often unable to locate technicians nearby their areas. As industry leaders we have designed a solution to supply DIY rooms in kit form that are easy to install and complete packages that include panels, trimmings, smalls and refrigeration.

All our DIY cold rooms and freezer rooms are easy to install. These kit form units are created in such a way that a regular handyman can install these units easily for you. The condenser and blower coil comes as a single “monoblock” unit, which is a pre-charged plug and play unit. It has a digital controller for setting temperatures in range. Advanced parameters are preset at the factory. No pipe work or gassing is required. It needs to simply be powered by your single or three phase electricity. (Depending on unit size)

Our Vision

At Africhill our vision is to make DIY cold rooms and freezer rooms practical and available for all our clients so that they can purchase and install cold rooms of their own on farms or plants, especially in those areas where finding a technician for assistance is difficult. DIY cold rooms and freezer rooms also reduces installation expenses to unreachable sites. We also provide our products with an easily-understandable schematic diagram, which further ensures hassle-free assembly of the rooms and mounting of refrigeration units.

Custom-Tailored Orders

Africhill team also accepts custom-tailored orders from clients. Whether you have any specific requirements or sizes, we can design the cold rooms and freezer rooms depending upon your needs and preferences. We usually take around three weeks for manufacturing custom orders.

However, if there is urgency, we always work with the customer to come up with a quick solution.
Moreover, we prioritize offering the best possible products and services to our clients.
Our on-time delivery and capability of handling large volumes is another one of our unique selling points!

So place an order with us today and install cold rooms and freezer rooms of the highest standards at your business or home!