Glass Door Cold and Freezer Rooms

Are you looking for a reputable and reliable glass door cold and freezer room manufacturer in South Africa? Then look no further and get in touch with us at Africhill. We are one of the most established and experienced manufacturers and suppliers of glass door rooms. Glass door cold and freezer rooms are mostly used for display and storage of perishable products such as dairy, meat, beverages, and ice cream.

We at Africhill design, manufacture and install glass door cold and freezer rooms that are extremely popular in liquor stores, shops, labs, and even homes. We design glass door rooms that are self-closing, double glazed, insulated and condensation free, mainly to ensure energy efficiency of the highest standards.

Custom-designed Glass Door Rooms

We at Africhill custom design glass door rooms according to the application, requirements, and preferences provided by our clients. When we design the refrigeration capacity we consider ambient, product type and temperature requirements to ensure that all glass door cold and freezer rooms have sufficient refrigeration capacity for the application.

At Africhill we only make use of architrave glass doors. These are already fixed in an aluminum frame with built in heater and light. Architrave doors are more durable and esthetically appealing. Architrave frames have the capability to hold up to a maximum of five doors within the one frame. The best part of these doors is that these are designed to operate in different conditions. Optionally we offer insulated loading doors, walk-through glass doors and different shelve types to suit the glass doors. (flat, can feeder, bottle feeder, etc)

What do we believe?

At Africhill, we believe that glass door rooms are one of the most practical and efficient ways to store perishable items that require a display. If designed correctly by an expert, this investment should be reliable and last for many years. Glass door cold rooms need to be installed by a specialist such as ourselves or a qualified installer of your choice. We provide all our products with an easily-comprehensible schematic sketch to ensure that the assembling of these units are hassle-free.

Get in touch with us today and find the best possible solutions for your refrigeration needs!