Mortuary Cabinets

At Africhill we are known for our superior quality design and manufacturing of refrigeration units throughout Africa. We have been in this business for more than a decade now and hence we understand the requirements of our clients well.

Mortuary Cabinets Manufacturing

We manufacture a standard range of mortuary cabinets that include three-body and six-body units. All our mortuary cabinets are designed to fit through a double door.

3 tier = 750mm wide x 2400mm deep x 1980mm high
6 tier = 1500mm wide x 2400mm deep x 1980mm high

These cabinets are constructed using chromadek panels for the box with stainless steel body trays internally.
Each door cover 3 tiers and each compartment in the cabinet is provided with a body tray on rollers.

Each body cabinet is also provided with a self-contained refrigeration unit that is mounted through an opening on the rear side of the cabinet. Each refrigeration unit is fully charged and tested before leaving from our factory.

These are pre manufactured plug and play units but always make sure that there is enough space and door clearances to move the unit to it’s desired position.

Characteristics of Our Mortuary Cabinets

There are a few specific characteristics of the mortuary cabinets we design and manufacture that makes them the best options for the mortuaries. These characteristics include:

  • 3 Body or 6 Body standard cabinets that fit through a double door.
  • Chromadek finish external.
  • Stainless steel body trays on rollers.
  • Push in “plug and play” refrigeration unit.
  • Made for high ambient areas.
  • Easy transportable.
  • Single phase electricity required.
  • Feature digital temperature control display.

Our mortuary cabinets are supported by the reputable and trustworthy warranty of Africhill.

We offer a guarantee on all our refrigeration products, including mortuary cabinets. All our equipment is designed to provide the utmost durability as well as save on installation time for refrigeration technicians.

For further details about our mortuary cabinets and its installation, contact us today.