Africhill – A Leading Manufacturer of Expertly-Engineered Cold Rooms

Africhill is an experienced and industry leader of manufacturing, supplies and installation of quality refrigeration rooms, cold rooms, freezer rooms and blast freezer rooms to our client’s refrigeration requirements and applications in Africa. Over the years of being one of the largest and experienced manufacturer in Africa, we have manufactured and installed a variety of cold rooms throughout the entire Africa and other countries for a wide variety of applications.

Africhill uses modular insulated panels to install cold rooms and is pre-manufactured according to the design and clients requirement to reduce installation time. Manufactured from Aluminium/Zink on both sides and laminated on expanded fire retardant Polystyrene, with a tongue and groove male and female joints to insure structural strength and no thermal bridges. Africhill insulated panels is structurally strong and highly energy efficient to save cost on electrical bills.

Africhill uses modular panels to construct cold rooms and is manufactured according to the design in flat pack format for transport reasons. We Manufacture flat or fluted panels and uses expanded Polystyrene as a core insulator, our panels are well known and tested ensuring to insure a good thermal resistance. Our insulated panels is very energy efficient to save costs on electricity.

wall connection to room
wall to floor with internal concrete floor

Efficient Cold Room Solutions with Quality Assurance

If you require a pre-assembled cold room? Or a requirement of Do-It-Yourself cold room kit? Look no further than Africhill cold rooms. The DIY cold room kit installation, you need basic tools and any handy man person can install it.

cold room piping

fluted panels


Alternatively you can purchase Africhill cold rooms with split system refrigeration unnits – available with insulated panels fitted together with “Tongue and Groove” attachments, making construction a easy task. We at Africhill offer you customized cold room solutions for your specific requirements, assuring you premium quality products, unmatched service, and affordability.

cold room accesories

Order quality designed engineered cold rooms at Africhill with a balance in value with price.