Key Advantages Of Structural Insulated Panels

Are you wondering why there is a massive demand for insulated panels in the industry? How can you benefit by using it in the design and fabrication of your building? The lightweight insulated panels with metal skins and insulating foam core with superior insulating properties makes our products much popular in construction industries. The composite of the exterior material on our insulated panelshave excellent spanning capabilities, and its single-step installation makes them efficient and cost-effective compared to other wall assemblies. Our insulated panels are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, profiles, and finishes. It allows you to create a wide variety of aesthetic appearances for walls and roofs.

Benefits to Design Professionals:

Design Flexibility: All our insulated panels are available in a variety of flat and corrugated surfaces suitable for exterior/ interior walls and roofs. These are strong enough to allow better structural supports than single-skin panels. It also has greater spanning and load-bearing capabilities, making them flexible to integrate into building designs. Our insulated panels have come in multiple profiles that can be used in either horizontal or vertical designs and factory-formed corner shapes or enhance any design.

Environmentally Friendly: A significant portion of recycled materials (steel) is used in our insulated panels. Further, the insulating properties have substantial energy-saving elements compared to other wall systems. All our insulated panels are designed to resist fire, as well.

Benefits to Construction industries:

Ease of Installation: Insulated metal panels can act as the finished surface, and act as the best thermal, air, vapor, and weather barrier. Most weather conditions won’t affect our insulated panels, and it allows the flexibility of completing the job on time and saving in the cost as well.

Quick Construction Time: Most of our insulated panels are attached to a concealed fastener system. The side joints streamline the installation process and allow installing quickly.

Benefits to building owners:

Cost-Effectiveness: The design flexibility and construction benefits of our insulated panels allow owners to capitalize on reducing the construction cost of the building. Furthermore, it has energy efficiency, long term durability, and less maintenance saves on operation costs as well.

Energy Efficiency: The highest quality insulated metal panel gives better control of heat flowing into or out of the building. Hence it better controls the energy associated maintenance costs and reduces the energy bill related to heating or cooling.

Strength and Durability: The metal outer, combined with the proven structural capabilities of the foam core, decides the overall strength of our insulated panels. This composite structural system provides strength plus the ability to resist the structural impacts and adverse climate conditions.

Longevity: Metal structured buildings use insulated panels which are evident to be last for many decades. The quality and strength of our insulated panels resist any harsh climate conditions. Depending on local climatic conditions, we can project its life span of 50 to 60 or even beyond that.

Low Maintenance: The inherent strength, durability, and longevity of our insulated panels, need fewer maintenances. That means they can help owners saving on annual operating budgets as well as long-term capital replacement projects.

With the simplicity of the concept, design flexibility, efficient construction, and long-term performance, it is easy to conclude why our insulated panels carry benefits for everyone involved.