Condensing Units – Classification and Usage!

Condensing units are temperature control devices that are used in refrigerators, air conditioners, heat pumps as well as chillers. These units help in moving energy in the heat form by compressing a gas called refrigerant vapor. Then it pumps the vapor through a system of coils and making use of the surrounding air around the coils to heat and cool spaces.

The condenser coils are located along with the compressor and controlling devices within the condensing units. Condensing units are available in a wide range of sizes from small ones used in office fountains to huge ones used in air condition buildings like the Pentagon. Also, these units vary in designs such as plain tube, plate type or parallel pass units and more.

Classification of Condensing Units

Condensing units can be classified as per their cooling method as well. The three main types include air-cooled, combined air and water cooled and water cooled condensing units.

  • Air-Cooled Condensing Units

Air cooled condensing units comprises a coil of ample surface so that air can be blown by a fan or induced by natural draft. Such units are usually used in small capacity refrigerating units such as residential air conditioners or air conditioning system of small offices. To keep these units working in the their best condition, these should be kept free from dust, dirt, lint and other foreign elements as accumulation of these particles may reduce the airflow around the tubes and fins.

  • Combined Air- and Water-cooled Condensing Units

Also, referred as evaporative condensing units, the combined ones consist of a coil that is cooled by spraying water from above and then allowing the cold air to enter from the bottom and blow across the coils. When the water evaporates from the coils a cooling effect is being induced that condenses the refrigerant within the coil. The hot refrigerant gas in the coil is then changed to the liquid state by combining the sprayed water and large column of moving air supplied by the fan. And the remaining water that does not get evaporated gets recirculated with the help of a pump.

  • Water-Cooled Condensing Units

Water cooled condensing units as names suggest are cooled using water alone. The water circulates through the tubes and coils within the unit enclosed in a shell. In these units the refrigerant moves through the annular space between the tubes or the coils. These condensing units are also termed as double pipe condenser based on its construction. These condensing units are eco-friendly options as well as eliminate the water disposal problems which further make it an economical means of cooling refrigerant gases.

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Freeze Rooms: Making a Smart Move for Reliable Preserving Procedures

Preserving perishable items in large quantities does have to be complicated. The fact is that your approach to storing such things has to be different and sustainable. Perhaps, you have had failed past experiences with appropriately preserving food. Freezer rooms can give you a better option at working with the best preservative facilities. Therefore, it will be helpful if you can have a new freezer room for keeping things fresh. After all, you don’t have to expend a lot of money to stick with an unreliable preservative plan.

Freeze Room

Working with freezer rooms can be quite comforting, especially when you have to preserve your items in large quantities. Perhaps, you haven’t had the opportunity of installing a freezer room. Here are some of the beneficial highlights of opting for freezer rooms in place of other preservative methods.

  1. Temperature regulation

Sometimes, it may be quite challenging to attain a precise freezing temperature for keeping perishable items fresh. However, you can work with a device that makes it easy for clients to regular their freezer storage rooms. The fact is that this freezing device has a controller. This way, you can freeze or unfreeze your items as many times as you want.

  1. Space management

You don’t have to take up limited space by making use of multiple refrigerators at a go. The fact is that you can embrace a customized freezing system. Interestingly, you only have to dedicate a free space for installation.

Moreover, you may have to deal with heat congestion when you make use of multiple refrigerators. Therefore, you can minimize the impact of high temperatures in your home when you use customized freezer compartments.

Also, these rooms can make the item search easy for clients. This way, you can avoid overloading a refrigerating set. Instead, you have a lot of sections that can facilitate the proper arrangement of your items.

  1. Improved storage time

You never can tell when you may experience a power cut. If you happen to run a grocery store, your perishable food may become stale after a delay in power restoration. However, a freezer room can spare you some time in the course of finding a solution to the power disruption. The reason is that customized freezer houses have sturdy doors, making it difficult for your perishable items to thaw quickly. Therefore, your items can remain frozen for several hours.

  1. Durability

You can expect these rooms to stand the test of time compared to other freezer systems. The fact is that the coating of these rooms is substantial, thereby preventing rust.

Finally, if you run a restaurant, you should be at the forefront of installing a freezer room for your business. This way, you can have the capacity to store food in large numbers. Moreover, you can create different food sections for your meals. This way, you rest assured of drawing more clients to your domain because of your fresh meals. Do you care to have preservative methods that are long-lasting and efficient? You shouldn’t hesitate to call in today for more inquiries.

What Can Happen If The Condensing Units Operate With Dirty Condenser Coils?

One of the main components of any refrigeration or freezer room is the condensing units. It plays a significant role in running the freezer room or cold room smoothly. One of the main functions of the condensing units is to condense the refrigerant from the compressor. As the coils are located outside, they are susceptible to dirt buildup over time. If you don’t do anything to keep the elements in the condensing units clean, your freezer room or cooler room can encounter some severe problems. Let’s discuss what happens when the condenser coils in the condensing unit accumulate dirt and what you can do to keep your coils clean!

What are the condenser coils?

Condenser coils are located in your freezer room outer unit, known as condensing units. So, what happens when your condenser coils are dirty? Refrigerant, which carries heat from inside the cold room or freezer room, travels through the condenser coils. The air blower in the condensing unit blows air over the condenser coils. The heat from the refrigerant will be transferred to the air outside. It will ultimately remove the heat from the cold room or freezer room.

How do condenser coils in the condensing units get dirty?

Because condenser coils are placed outside the cold room or freezer room, they are exposed to the dirt, debris, and other outdoor components. Dirt and grime builds-up naturally on the condenser coils over time with the normal functioning of your cold rooms or freezer rooms. The buildup dirt’s in the condensing unit can get severe if you don’t do anything to remove it.

Is there any effect when the condensing units have dirty condenser coils?

  • Your cold room or freezer room won’t cool as it should be. The builds up dirt on your condenser coils make a layer over the time and act as the barrier between the air that’s blown over the coils and the heat inside the refrigerant that flows through them. Hence it became harder to transfer or radiate the heat from the coils to the air outside. The inadequate heat removal won’t make the cold room or freezer room cool. We can conclude that dirty condenser coils might be one of the reasons that reduce the efficiency of your cold room or freezer room. It needs to be checked immediately with the help of an expert technician.
  • The dirty condenser coils will lead to enhance your energy bill. Since the dirty condenser coils bring the obstacle and burden on the compressor and condensing unit, hence it will consume extra energy to function optimally. It makes it difficult for your cold room or freezer room to work much harder, and longer compensate the requisite cool. It will ultimately lead to high cooling bills since the condensing unit will consume much more energy than usual.
  • Your system might generate a performance issue. Any time you feel your cold room or freezer room works harder than usual, the chances of break down increase. Anything that prevents the cooling process will lead generate to performance issues.

How to keep the condenser coils clean?

The best way to keep your condenser coils clean is to schedule the condensing unit tune-up every year with Africhill. During your tune-up, they’ll perform a full-system cleaning, which includes a thorough cleaning of your condenser coils. These coils are not easy to access for an average person. It is why this is a job that’s best left to the professionals. If you have any questions about the dirty condenser unit, or if you’d like a cooling system serviced or installed in your business, contact Africhill today!