How Well-Designed Freezer Rooms Can Help You Improve Your Operation

Choosing a freezer room for your business is not as easy as you thought. You have to consider a wide range of factors that ensure you get the best cold that suited to your needs. Being the essential component of any commercial facilities, a freezer room allows you to keep and preserve a wide variety of products and materials with greater use of space. It also has a better energy-efficiency feature than any other cold storage solution that can provide. In Africa, we are providing you with the best temperature control space that helps you organize your storage optimally. Ultimately it will streamline your business and saving your staff time, effort, optimize, and encourages efficient operations.

A good freezer room design plays a huge role in optimizing and encouraging efficient business operations. Making some calculative decisions at the designing stage will support you in constructing the most operational and adequate freezer room facility for you. Also, you can get your products as per your schedule and within budget.

Christmas Eve and New Year Eve and much more special celebration are right ahead, and the joy and celebrations are continuing for the next few months as well. Shops, suppliers, and retail businesses may need to stock more fresh products to meet client’s demand for a variety of fresh foods. You may like to add some new freezer rooms to your business or want to add new units to expand your business during such a month of celebration. At Africhill, we help you add customized freezer rooms to accommodate your stock during the festive season.

You can install these rooms if you plan to expand your business because we build the freezer rooms that based on your specifications and need no matter you have a small or big business. Also, we can send your freezer rooms before the celebration period begins. All our freezer room facilities operate and support the companies anticipated growth and reputation for supplying the product on time.

The most crucial factor in making the freezer room is that all our engineers and technical team work together to put their best interest in formulating the best design, dimension required for the new freezer room. We only offer the best deals, quality products and also give a warranty that your freezer will work efficiently and resourcefully for a more extended period.

We also use useful building tools, technology, and information’s to design your freezer room that will be easy to perform, walkthroughs, and address the workflow issues smoothly. For instance, the operations can be optimized by placing high-demand products near the entrance to the freezer room facility, keeping the lower demand products back to it. We also advise the proper implementation of warehouse operations based on best practices that improve efficiency and cuts costs.

We always design your freezer room facility, keeping the future growth factor in mind. We also do research works to enhance the capacity, capability, so that our freezer rooms can be adapted to handle new types of products or change in function according to future needs. For example, a freezer room can easily be turned into a more user-friendly cold room or movable cold room at a later date for your business need.

At Africhill, we are incredibly delighted with our extensive and prosperous history in cold storage design and construction. Our expert staff has designed and built cold rooms, freezer rooms, moving cold rooms, and much more for clients from a wide range of industries, and we are ready to help you grow your small or big business. For more information about our services, get in touch with one of our experts for a free cold storage design guide today!

Why To Rely On A Trusted Manufacturer For Your Cold Room And Freezer Solution And Need

A cold room is used to stock the products in a temperature-controlled environment. It is the best fit for keeping fruit, vegetables, and meat fresh. It can be a free cold room as well that allows you to keep your products fresh in any location you choose. Trust on Africhill if you plan to invest in freezer rooms and get the ultimate chilling solution for your business. From affordability to precise temperature control, our freezer rooms provide plenty of advantages and make you be a proud freezer room owner. Furthermore, the versatility of our freezer rooms makes them well-suited to a wide range of applications as well

Why Africhill?

Have been in the business for longer

We have been working in this business for years. We work as partners of several South African and international companies, hotel/restaurant chains, and much more. It allows us to understand the operational needs of our customers to develop new designs and conduct trials in hundreds of kitchens and cold storage units

Great professional team 

We are backed by a great team of expert professionals consisting of engineers and other technical professionals. All of us will take charge of projects and work out the most suitable freezer room designs for your needs. We ensure quality products, on-time deliveries as well as after-sale services.

Work with the most reliable brands

We are working with the most reliable spare part supplier brands deal with cooling and climate control technologies. They are world leaders in supplying freezer room equipment, which we put together in our cold store products.

We have the products for your needs.

We provide the most comprehensive yet innovative and highly reliable cold and freezer rooms, insulated panels, condensing, refrigeration rooms, and cold storage of different specifications and sizes as per clients’ requirements.Excellent sales and service network across the country. We have a sales and service network across South Africa, and we are also very much familiar with globally. For us, honesty maximizes brand value, and we take ownership of whatever we do!

We are one of the country’s largest cold room suppliers and service providers to the cold storage industry. Also, we work closely with our customers. We offer to provide them the most precise product and services that will help them operate more efficiently. We provide the service from start to finish understanding of the process. We not only build customized equipment, but our project management and installation teams ensure its proper execution at your site.

Indigenously manufactured freezer rooms from our factory come with numerous advantages to clients, and we help them in quick service and trouble-shooting. We work in our latest state of the art design, technology, components and also have an efficient team to set new benchmarks in quality and innovation. We follow our passions, work fearlessly, and demonstrate rather than speak!

Our experience, combined with our strategic areas of specialization, positions our unit Africhill to provide foodservice industries with optimum solutions to their most complex requirements. Our strength comes from providing our clients with innovative and highly reliable solutions to their refrigeration needs. We offer a full range of commercial cold room needs of any hospitality operation. From refrigeration room to cold storage, cold and freezer rooms to cold places, and insulated panels – we make them all! We also offer and deliver our clients the right products in the right location, day after day.

To learn more about our selection of freezer rooms or our cooling services, you can get in touch with our expert team. Contact us by calling +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or +27 (0) 11 396 2402 or via our email We will proud to answer any of your questions and queries in no time.

The Significance Of Cold Rooms For Any Business

As the name implies, cold rooms are a distinctive kind of factory-made room meant to maintain very low temperatures as per your specific requirement. It is a unique room that retains its temperature with the help of our expert designs, instruments, panels, and many other things. The cold rooms we produce will ensure the intactness of your sale value as it will keep your products fresh, and the spoil turnover will be very negligent. You can rest assured that their goods are being held in the safest place possible for longer.

Perishable foods need to be stored at the wrong temperature. These cold rooms are built to store perishable goods for some more time. Any variance in temperature will lead to its spoil, changes in color, texture, and flavor, as well. Eating such damaged food will also increase your chances of getting food poisoning. Perishable foods need this environment to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other dangerous micro-organisms. However, a climate-controlled repository also helps many non-edible products hold their texture, consistency, effectiveness, and value. Cold rooms are the primary modern food preservation method that helps you continue to grow and expand your business as well.

It is not surprising that cold room facilities play a crucial role in many business houses. We also do lots of R&D and introduce advanced technology for enhancing the quality and function of our cold rooms. Our cold rooms will not only have a significant impact on your daily needs but play a vital role in the unstable game of supply and demand in terms of perishable goods. It keeps your products at a set temperature, which keeps them fresh, reduces the risk of damage, and extends their shelf life. Several industries use our cold room facility. The food industry is the prime entity that leads the list of consumers for the exceptional storing facilities we manufacture.

Fruits and vegetables are seasonal products. But they are in demand all year round. Hence you saw there is always excess production to meet its demand throughout the year. But how could it keep safe for years together? In order to preserve these types of goods, they need to be placed in cold room facilities. Our cold rooms are the better option that keeps your excess fruit and vegetables supply safe and meet the demand years around. It is devised to prolong the food product’s life ensuring it remains fresh for a certain period or even all year round. All our cold rooms are user-friendly and anyone can easily adjust the temperature in our cold rooms. However, we make different cold room solutions for different uses.

All our staff and engineers are dedicated to design the cold rooms very carefully that truly meet the client’s needs and purposes. From project management to the final construction of the facility, every little detail is taken care of until the whole cold room facility is completed. Depending on the size and type of your goods, we offer you find a suitable cold room, chiller, and freezer cold stores, and many others that fit best for your business facilities. The cold rooms we supply can even be custom-made according to your particular business needs as well.

If you need a cold room for your business then Africhill can provide you the best in the industry! You can always trust and expect high-quality products, great management, and excellent service with Africhill.