The Significance Of Cold Rooms For Any Business

As the name implies, cold rooms are a distinctive kind of factory-made room meant to maintain very low temperatures as per your specific requirement. It is a unique room that retains its temperature with the help of our expert designs, instruments, panels, and many other things. The cold rooms we produce will ensure the intactness of your sale value as it will keep your products fresh, and the spoil turnover will be very negligent. You can rest assured that their goods are being held in the safest place possible for longer.

Perishable foods need to be stored at the wrong temperature. These cold rooms are built to store perishable goods for some more time. Any variance in temperature will lead to its spoil, changes in color, texture, and flavor, as well. Eating such damaged food will also increase your chances of getting food poisoning. Perishable foods need this environment to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other dangerous micro-organisms. However, a climate-controlled repository also helps many non-edible products hold their texture, consistency, effectiveness, and value. Cold rooms are the primary modern food preservation method that helps you continue to grow and expand your business as well.

It is not surprising that cold room facilities play a crucial role in many business houses. We also do lots of R&D and introduce advanced technology for enhancing the quality and function of our cold rooms. Our cold rooms will not only have a significant impact on your daily needs but play a vital role in the unstable game of supply and demand in terms of perishable goods. It keeps your products at a set temperature, which keeps them fresh, reduces the risk of damage, and extends their shelf life. Several industries use our cold room facility. The food industry is the prime entity that leads the list of consumers for the exceptional storing facilities we manufacture.

Fruits and vegetables are seasonal products. But they are in demand all year round. Hence you saw there is always excess production to meet its demand throughout the year. But how could it keep safe for years together? In order to preserve these types of goods, they need to be placed in cold room facilities. Our cold rooms are the better option that keeps your excess fruit and vegetables supply safe and meet the demand years around. It is devised to prolong the food product’s life ensuring it remains fresh for a certain period or even all year round. All our cold rooms are user-friendly and anyone can easily adjust the temperature in our cold rooms. However, we make different cold room solutions for different uses.

All our staff and engineers are dedicated to design the cold rooms very carefully that truly meet the client’s needs and purposes. From project management to the final construction of the facility, every little detail is taken care of until the whole cold room facility is completed. Depending on the size and type of your goods, we offer you find a suitable cold room, chiller, and freezer cold stores, and many others that fit best for your business facilities. The cold rooms we supply can even be custom-made according to your particular business needs as well.

If you need a cold room for your business then Africhill can provide you the best in the industry! You can always trust and expect high-quality products, great management, and excellent service with Africhill.

Key Advantages Of Structural Insulated Panels

Are you wondering why there is a massive demand for insulated panels in the industry? How can you benefit by using it in the design and fabrication of your building? The lightweight insulated panels with metal skins and insulating foam core with superior insulating properties makes our products much popular in construction industries. The composite of the exterior material on our insulated panelshave excellent spanning capabilities, and its single-step installation makes them efficient and cost-effective compared to other wall assemblies. Our insulated panels are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, profiles, and finishes. It allows you to create a wide variety of aesthetic appearances for walls and roofs.

Benefits to Design Professionals:

Design Flexibility: All our insulated panels are available in a variety of flat and corrugated surfaces suitable for exterior/ interior walls and roofs. These are strong enough to allow better structural supports than single-skin panels. It also has greater spanning and load-bearing capabilities, making them flexible to integrate into building designs. Our insulated panels have come in multiple profiles that can be used in either horizontal or vertical designs and factory-formed corner shapes or enhance any design.

Environmentally Friendly: A significant portion of recycled materials (steel) is used in our insulated panels. Further, the insulating properties have substantial energy-saving elements compared to other wall systems. All our insulated panels are designed to resist fire, as well.

Benefits to Construction industries:

Ease of Installation: Insulated metal panels can act as the finished surface, and act as the best thermal, air, vapor, and weather barrier. Most weather conditions won’t affect our insulated panels, and it allows the flexibility of completing the job on time and saving in the cost as well.

Quick Construction Time: Most of our insulated panels are attached to a concealed fastener system. The side joints streamline the installation process and allow installing quickly.

Benefits to building owners:

Cost-Effectiveness: The design flexibility and construction benefits of our insulated panels allow owners to capitalize on reducing the construction cost of the building. Furthermore, it has energy efficiency, long term durability, and less maintenance saves on operation costs as well.

Energy Efficiency: The highest quality insulated metal panel gives better control of heat flowing into or out of the building. Hence it better controls the energy associated maintenance costs and reduces the energy bill related to heating or cooling.

Strength and Durability: The metal outer, combined with the proven structural capabilities of the foam core, decides the overall strength of our insulated panels. This composite structural system provides strength plus the ability to resist the structural impacts and adverse climate conditions.

Longevity: Metal structured buildings use insulated panels which are evident to be last for many decades. The quality and strength of our insulated panels resist any harsh climate conditions. Depending on local climatic conditions, we can project its life span of 50 to 60 or even beyond that.

Low Maintenance: The inherent strength, durability, and longevity of our insulated panels, need fewer maintenances. That means they can help owners saving on annual operating budgets as well as long-term capital replacement projects.

With the simplicity of the concept, design flexibility, efficient construction, and long-term performance, it is easy to conclude why our insulated panels carry benefits for everyone involved.

Cold Rooms Are Better Solutions To Facilitate Efficient Cooling & Freezing

Getting a user-friendly cold room solution built with market-leading expertise will enable you to save a lot. The cold rooms have extensive applications in distinctive industries such as food processing, fisheries hotel, pharmaceutical, floriculture, and much more. Make the right choice for making the optimum protection of perishable goods, effective operation, and significant lifespan. We have an extensive range of refrigeration solutions, experience, and know-how to meet your need. Trust on us, as we are your competent and trustworthy partner for your cold room need. Explore our solutions for the reliable cold rooms.

cold room

We are leaders in the refrigeration industry and pioneer in manufacturing, supplies, and installation of the quality prefabricated cold room in Africa. With the broadest product range for cold rooms, we put together our skill, expertise, and options that will enhance your cold room design and installation service. Cold rooms provided by us are specifically designed for specific applications and temperature control. Its user-friendly design smoothens and expedites the cooling or freezing process in the cooling rooms as required. Fisheries, food processing, and pharmaceutical industry, R&D companies, hotels, etc. are some of the areas where these cold storages find extensive applications.

Cold Room is available in several models and sizes & also with specific temp requirements. Our cold rooms are specially intended to handle extensive capacity and temperature ranges. The cold rooms we provide are available in temp ranging from -18° to -30° C to 2° C to 18° Celsius. Our standard model is available with -2° C to 4° C are designed to meet with African ambient conditions. Also, our cold rooms are integrated with Micro-processor, automated temperature indicator, and panel board for electronic control. Hence all our cold rooms are power efficient that are configured to match high climatic conditions as well.

All the cold rooms we offer have user-friendly structures. We are using high-quality materials incorporated in each panel section. These are made with prefabricated panels that facilitate simple assembly, groove assembly, and tongue cam locks. We also integrate chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) -free refrigeration mechanism in the cold rooms that help in managing the cooling as well as freezing within its structure efficiently. Due to its structure design and material deployed, these are free from CFC and food safe. These are suitable to fulfill your special applications in the food processing industry, fisheries, and others. We are best known for having a unique temperature control feature in our cold rooms. Hence it is much more appreciated by the pharmaceutical industry, hotels, and R&D companies.

We use high-density insulating materials and steel sheet duly painted in our cold rooms that are ideal for a wide variety of applications. We assemble panel assembled cold Room at the site, having refrigeration unit designed as per the African environmental conditions. Polyurethane (PUF) or polystyrene foam (EPS) is a highly safe material, which is the reason our company has used this as material for insulation. Our customers can avail the cold rooms with different door types such as flush, sliding, and overlap. The doors on it are provided with magnetic gaskets, and it is useful for maintaining the temperature as well.

We are in the business of offering superior quality cold rooms designed and developed as per customer’s needs. All our cold rooms are fabricated with modulated panels, insulated with injected polyurethane (PUF) or polystyrene foam (EPS). Every part and component used in our cold rooms is of a top-quality and guaranteed to stand up under the most demanding conditions. For more information about our cold room and customizing your requirement call us today at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or +27 (0) 11 396 2402!