What Are Some Of The Prominent Applications Of Cold Storage?

The cold storage industry provides refrigeration for different requirements and has an array of services spanning many sectors. Listed below are some of the prominent applications of cold storage.

Post-harvest storage of products:

After vegetables and fruits are harvested, they start to respire & ripen. Fruits and vegetables need to be kept under a lower temperature than average to slow down the decay rate. Cold storage or freezer rooms are employed to preserve food items via refrigeration & regulated atmosphere rooms – where the concentration of diverse gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide is maintained closely through precision devices.


Since the production of vegetables and fruit occurs in large quantities, it’s not practical for them to be marketed all at a time. Therefore, cold storage lets such perishable foods be available for more prolonged periods, extending their shelf-life.

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Industry:

In the healthcare sphere, there’re many usages of cold storage. In laboratories, blood samples have to be kept at a specific temperature to sustain their specifications. Many different drugs have to be kept in medical refrigerators such as vaccines, chemotherapy, insulin, etc. If particular body samples such as plasma and blood samples aren’t stored under closely watched conditions, they can change properties quickly and become unusable. Cold storage has made it feasible for such things to be transported across long distance and play a big role in saving lives.

Chemical & Processing Industry:

Industries such as petroleum refineries and petrochemical plants require large cooling units. The needs of each industry are different; thus, the refrigeration units are modified accordingly.

The hospitality industry:

Hotels & eateries have to serve a significant number of guests all through the day. There’re several ingredients used in dishes served that need to be stored beforehand under cool temperatures. Refrigeration is essential to keep the ingredients fresh to use in cooking. Beverages & other consumables served in eateries also need to be kept in cold storage to keep them fresh. Moreover, hotels must have personal refrigeration systems to store sanitary products and keep large reserves at their place for catering to larger events.

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