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Hello, welcome to Africhill. Are you looking for a top-quality freezer room? If so, then Africhill is the best place to get a top-quality freezer room. Africhill is a reliable option when it comes to freezer rooms, condensing units, cold rooms, refrigeration rooms, insulated panels, etc. Here, at Africhill, you will be getting the most reliable and well-performing quality of products. All of our products are highly reliable.

Africhill is a leading manufacturer and supplier of freezer rooms, refrigeration rooms, and cold rooms. Africhill is serving customers since the year of 1998 and in all these years, Africhill has become a well-known and reliable manufacturer and supplier of freezer rooms, cold rooms, refrigeration rooms, insulated panels, mortuaries, solar-powered containerized cold and freezer rooms, condensing units, and blower coils. No doubt Africhill is the best choice for the well-performing quality of freezer rooms. Due to the high quality of products supplied Africhill has gained many happy and satisfied clients in all these years of manufacturing and supplying. You have reached the market leader in the industry and that is why you can expect a high-quality freezer room from us. Lots of projects have been handled by Africhill like Armour Project, DHL Project, Holstein Project, Schools Angola, Mauritius Freezer Rooms, Intervet Project, Clean Room Durban, Angola Fruit, Cold Rooms Angola and there are more other projects handled.

What role do Freezer Roomsplay? Freezer rooms play a very significant role in preserving food items for a long time. It helps in increasing the lifespan of food items by providing them a storage place at subzero degrees, which ultimately helps in increasing the life cycle of stored items. The freezer rooms manufactured at Africhill are true of top quality.

Africhill being a leading supplier and manufacturer provides freezer and cold rooms based on the client’s requirements. We provide you products that best suit your needs and requirements. Africhill will deliver you products that are worth relying upon. We not only manufacture and supply products but also our trained team can install them. It is sure that you will receive the amazing quality of strong products, tested, tried, reliable, and durable.

How does the Freezer Room of Africhill works? You will receive a freezer room that performs excellently. Africhill uses modular panels to construct freezer rooms. To reduce the installation time, the room is pre-manufactured as per the design. Zink-Alum steel or chromadek is used on both sides and lamination is done on expanded fire retardant polystyrene. Panels of Africhill are very strong and are very energy efficient. You can save your money and electricity bills.  Africhill uses modular panels to construct rooms so that cold room sizes can be controlled. which would help in controlling the cold room size. The panels are tested and tried, making sure that there is no escape from cold.

We can provide you freezer room at your convenience. Whether you want a pre-assembled cold room or a Do-It-Yourself cold room kit, we will provide you with the same. Africhill will always remain the best option for well-performing freezer rooms. Africhill supplies freezer rooms that are customized, based upon the client’s need.

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