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Cold Rooms

When you choose Africhill for supplying cold rooms, just remain to relax because Africhill provides its customers top-class condensing units  Africhill is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cold rooms, refrigeration rooms, freezer rooms, insulated panels, blast freezer rooms, and a lot more. All of the products are very much reliable. We are serving markets for many years and have gained many satisfied customers who were completely satisfied with the quality of products. Africhill prioritizes the quality of products and the satisfaction of customers. 

We guarantee to provide you well-performing cold room. 

Cold Rooms: Africhill uses modular insulated panels for installing cold rooms. These panels are pre-manufactured as per the client’s requirements. Africhill manufactures fluted or flat panels, they are strong and energy-efficient, they will help in saving money on electrical bills. Our cold rooms are constructed using these panels and are manufactured based on any design like flat-pack format for transportation purposes.

We can provide you any type of cold room as per your requirements be it pre-assembled cold rooms or a Do-It-Yourself cold room kit. The cold rooms are of high standards so you don’t have to worry about the quality. You can buy cold rooms with split system refrigeration units and for this, you will need a qualified and experienced technician for installation. 

To get the best quality of cold room, you have to choose Africhill

Not only the cold rooms of Africhill are of good quality but also other products like freezer rooms, refrigeration rooms, glass rooms, Mortuaries, insulated panels, condensing units, solar-powered containerized cold and freezer rooms are also of superior quality. 

Why Africhill?

  • Guarantee of high-class products.
  • Africhill is experienced in manufacturer, supplying, and installing top-quality products. 
  • Africhill has manufactured and supplied wide range of cold rooms throughout Africa and other countries as well. 
  • Our professional team not only manufactures and supplies but also installs them
  • Cold rooms at Africhill are customizable as per the client’s requirements.
  • Many satisfied clients have been gained by Africhill because of quality products.

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