Benefits And Features Of Insulated Panels Make It A Preferred Choice

Today, the insulated panels are becoming increasingly prevalent in commercial and industrial constructions. The insulated panels built with foam core compressed between two metal surfaces preferred as the basic raw material for construction projects. These panels are used for small or large wall or roof systems for several building projects including airport shed, cold storage facilities, large warehouses, etc. Our insulated panels are not only popular among building owners but designers, architects, and contractors as well. People prefer our insulated panels as it will offer specialized features that are beneficial to all parties. Some of them are as follows.

Our insulated panels are so common among project engineers and contractors. We help you deliver the factory-assembled, pre-cut, and ready to erect insulated panels. These insulated panels are suitable for metal wall and roofing systems for any residential or commercial or manufacturing units. Setting them up is easier and quicker than your traditional wall & fiberglass insulation systems.  Our insulated panels are also most preferred because of the features like labor cost savings, better quality, reducing the project schedules, and much more.

Each of our insulated panels consists of an insulating foam core. It will improve the thermal performance of the building and increasing the insulation efficiency. It will ultimately cut down the building’s heating and cooling costs. We assure you that the core within our insulated panels has a long-lasting high-load performance. Due to the concealed nature, our insulated panels are well protected from the natural elements. It is also rust protected and allows your structure will last for longer.

The insulated panels we produce have a core that is sandwiched between two metal surfaces. The surfaces of our product will not only provide excellent moisture resistance but offer unmatched design flexibility. It is the primary reason that designers will love to work with our insulated panels. It will give our clients the freedom to experiment with color, finish, and architectural features. The weather integrity, stunning finish, and vapor barrier feature of our insulated panels ensures durability and long operational life.

Our Insulated panels are produced with a combination of foam and high-quality metal. It will result in a lightweight design, easy to handle, need lighter foundations, and also have lower dead load requirements. The lightweight design also helps in minimizing the labor and saves the material costs.  It is highly flexible and flexible to be used in horizontal and vertical positions.

The insulated panels we produce have many features hence, beneficial for owners, designers, and contractors alike. If you’re interested in using insulated panels in your next project, we are ready to help you! Get in touch with us at +27 (0) 11 979 1885, +27 (0) 11 396 2402 now to find out more!