How To Clean Your Cold Storage Or Refrigeration Room Properly

Cold storage rooms or refrigeration rooms are places where we store and process food, drinks and other perishable items. Therefore, a cold room is likely to get dirty & contaminated by bacteria pretty quickly. In most cases, cold rooms are made of metal insulated panels. Here we will talk about how to clean cold room panels and avoid damaging of the surface of the insulated metal panel. 

When doing the upkeep of a cold or refrigeration room, it is indispensable to clean & disinfect the surface of the insulated sandwich panel, without causing any damage to it. 

Sadly, very often, the staff on duty isn’t correctly informed, so they accidentally damage the coating, which may cause oxidation of the insulated panel. 

Things to keep in mind while cleaning the surface of a metal insulated panel:

  • Always clean the surfaces from top to bottom
  • Use clean water to rinse the surface thoroughly
  • Add the right amount of cleaner to warm water. Don’t surpass the recommended quantity & dilute it.
  • The cleaner’s pH should be between 4 and 9
  • High pressure cleaning shouldn’t be conducted too closely, or upright, to the surface of the metal insulated panel. 
  • Don’t leave the washing solution in contact with the metal sandwich panel surface for more than five minutes.
  • Use a non-abrasive cleaner to get rid of any remaining trace of dirt.
  • Rinse with clean water

Now that you have a clear understanding about the “should” part, let’s talk about the “shouldn’t” one:

  • Steer clear of using cleaning agents containing chlorine or related products
  • Don’t mix different cleaning products together
  • If you make use of a concentration of the cleaner higher than recommended, this may cause damage to the surface of the mental insulated panel, which may cause oxidation & damage your cold storage room.
  • Excess cleaning may damage the finishing of the cold room.
  • Employing a steam cleaner can cause damage to the coating due to the extreme temperature. 

When employing a power-washer, please stick to the following guidelines: 

  • Maximum 50 bars at 30cm from the surface of the panel
  • Respect the application temperatures, which usually are between 30 and 50° C maximum.
  • At the joints, the high-pressure cleaner must be pointed downwards to avoid forcing water into the joints.

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