Why Imagining A World Without A Cold Room Seems Unpractical

A world without refrigeration is simply unimaginable! It’d be very difficult to live in a world without refrigeration and many of the objects that surround us would be virtually non-existent, including your business. 

When it is about preserving perishable products, one thing that comes to our mind is a cold room or a refrigerating chamber. 

What’s a cold room?

A cold room or a refrigerating chamber is a warehouse where a specific temperature is produced artificially. It’s usually designed for storing products in an environment below the outside temperature. Perishable products like vegetables, fruits, flower, seafood and meat need refrigeration to increase their shelf life. 

When you keep perishable items in a refrigerating chamber, you significantly stop the growth of bacteria and fungi, among other hazardous microorganisms. 

Refrigerating chambers aren’t just helpful to the food industry. Also they are equally useful to the manufacturing, hospitality, pharmaceutical industries and any other place where items have to be kept at an exact temperature. When kept inside a cold room the non-edible items can hold their texture, consistency and value for a long time. 

What applications do cold rooms have?

Irrespective of the products they contain, refrigerating chambers are pretty useful for:

  • Goods reception – The hygiene standards need that businesses like restaurants and warehouses have a right temperature to acquire their raw materials, which will be placed in different points later. For these cases a good cooling system is essential. 
  • Storage & products handling – This lets a boost in production & marketing, prolonging lifespan and allowing the transformation of products.
  • Products display – In these cases, it’s pretty prevalent to make use of walk-in or reach-in doors, which let the final consumer to access products easily and, at the same time, have a very eye-catching point of sale. 

How does refrigeration intervene in a refrigerated chamber?

Refrigeration unit work to slow down the biological and chemical processes in food, and control decline & loss of quality. Through storage, the lifespan of perishable food items like fruits, vegetables, fish and meats can be extended many days by cooling, and many weeks by freezing. 

Preserving your products sufficiently isn’t an option, but a necessity. By assuring this process, your company’s profit will be benefited drastically. You can trust Africhill for any of your cold room needs. We’ve expertise in catering to the specific refrigeration requirements and applications of our clients in Africa. Whether you are looking for a pre-assembled cold room or want a Do-It-Yourself cold room kit, we can help.