How To Select The Perfect Condensing Units

The condenser is the ‘hot’ end of a refrigeration plant and can fill in as a helpful hotness source where hotness is required at somewhat low temperatures, for example, for washing water. Nonetheless, the ramifications of raising the condenser temperature to build the convenience of the accessible hotness ought to just have been considered with care. Other potential hotness sources incorporate the oil cooler. Where a huge compressor has been used, energy recovery from the oil coolers can be helpful. A definite evaluation ought to occur before determining heat recovery from a refrigeration plant, likewise with other hotness recuperation applications. 

We at Africhill is a reputed refrigeration units manufacturing, supply, and installation organization. You can depend on us to have the best condensing units. We have various natures of such units. So, you must know how to select the best unit according to your necessities. We are always by your side to help you to choose the best. 

Available Space 

Contemplating and breaking down the accessible space is a vital highlight to select the consolidating units. Numerous consolidating units depend on a metal plate or a “rail,” whose sizes are not standard in all cases, although the objective is consistently to look for standardization. 

One more significant point about the actual space is the group of the compressors. The compressors of various families have various statures, and, consequently, you should focus on not being an issue at the hour of assembling. 

The capacity of the consolidating unit

Our condensing units, for instance, have the design from engineers who have spent significant time in refrigeration. Thus, each set of such units has a proper measurement that guarantees specialized unwavering quality for the clients. 

Because of the estimating precision, you can choose a unit as indicated by the capacity that your compressor creates. 

This capacity relies upon the activity point, like temperature, evaporation, and condensation, which we will see in more detail later. 

Know the CU application 

For instance, the application should select the consolidating units, like refrigerated counters and refreshment coolers. One of the main things alludes to the evaporating temperature wanted in the cooling framework, which relies upon the “application envelope” that the compressor is endorsed and prepared to work. 

The evaporation scopes of every compressor and, subsequently, each condensing unit shift starting with one and then the next. Along these lines, while picking condensing units, you ought to consistently check the evaporating range that the compressor has support to work. Again, it is feasible to survey through technical information sheets. 


Suppose it is essential to apply a UC with various liquids from that utilized by the past framework. In such case, you should make sure that the activity pressures are inside a protected edge for framework pipes. 

Power Supply and Starting Torque 

Notwithstanding the conversation above, additionally, stay tuned to the power supply. Make sure to choose to consolidate units that feed with a similar voltage and frequency of the power supply.

Additionally, examine the starting torque. In frameworks utilizing the extension valve, you should focus if the blower is in the condensing unit has a high beginning torque. 

For instance: compressors with low beginning torque ought to have application distinctly to frameworks with capillary tube, and compressors with high beginning torque can have an application to the expansion valve and capillary tube.

Considering these considerations will help you to select the best from our extensive array of condensing units. If you face any problem feel free to call us.