Reasons It Is Prudent to Use eps Insulated Panels For Prefab Houses

You can notice the prevalence of prefabricated construction all over the world due to various benefits like quicker completion, suppleness in designs, reusability, affordability, toughness and robustness in strength. You will generally notice such houses in developing nations and governments are also proposing to build such buildings for different uses. If you notice in the construction industry, there are uses for various things to offer better and more effective results for prefab construction. There is the effective use of EPS insulated panels which can make it possible to have higher energy efficiency in a prefab building. We at AFRICHILL make it possible to have such panels at a cost-efficient price. We maintain quality all through the manufacturing process making it possible to have quality products at such affordable prices.

What is EPS? 

Before you use EPS panels it is better to know what they are and what advantage is possible to have using EPS insulated panels.

EPS is a closed-cell rigid insulation which is light in weight and manufactured by the expansion of polystyrene beads. The entire manufacture of our EPS panels happens in a controlled environment at our manufacturing plant under the supervision of a qualified technical team according to the best industrial standard. It is possible to have the best long-term thermal and moisture insulation using such panels.

Why is there use of EPS insulated panels in prefab construction

There are various reasons for the use of such panels in prefab construction. Let us have a look at some of those.

If you notice you will find that EPS panels are reliable, affordable and compatible with the majority of construction materials. As these are sandwich panels, they can withstand harsh weather conditions without having any damage. It is quite easy to maintain such insulated panels. You just need to wipe it with a wet cloth. If you compare that with traditional homes, you will need to paint the wall surface to have such cleanliness and that is pretty expensive.

There are various properties of EPS panels which make them ideal to use in prefab houses. It is highly energy efficient and can offer resistance against moisture. As moisture does not have any effect on it, you can expect that it will stay free from pests. Moreover, it is fire retardant and so it offers the required safety ideal for a house.

Saving energy is one of the most vital benefits of using EPS insulated panels. It is possible to save 30 to 40% of energy per year if you use such panels in your prefab construction.

Insulated Panels

We manufacture insulated panels to precise specifications and it is possible to assemble them quickly at the construction site. This makes it possible to control construction costs and labour costs. Having such a reduction in cost it is possible to have major savings.

Last but not least such panels are eco-friendly and there is no harm done to nature while manufacturing such panels by us.

So, next time you require such panels for use in the manufacture of cold rooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers or prefab houses do remember us at AFRICHILL.