The Ultimate Facts About Cold Rooms

Refrigeration is a crucial part of any storage place or commercial kitchen. It ensures that perishable & food products are stored safely. Your refrigeration system would benefit greatly from being supplemented or replaced by a cold room. It comes with bigger capacity to hold more products like food, medicine, laboratory samples and ingredients whilst remaining energy efficient.

What is a cold room?

An insulated, chilled area with a specific temperature in mind is called a “cold room.” It is a controlled temperature space used to hold a lot of stock. Its dimensions might range from a tiny walk-in room to a sizable warehouse. They are sometimes referred to as “walk-ins”. Unlike other commercial refrigeration methods, cold rooms cannot be moved. You need a specialist like us (Africhill) to manufacture & install them.

How does a cold room work?

The operation of cold rooms is similar to that of other refrigeration equipment. It includes a compressor, condenser, fans, and evaporators to maintain a controlled temperature. A gas refrigerant in it gets compressed before expanding & absorbing energy. The high pressure causes it to liquefy, cooling the coils and the air around them in the chilly room. It has proper ventilation to remove excess heat & moisture and maintain a consistent temperature.

What range of temperatures is suitable for using cold rooms?

The majority of cold rooms are between -2°C and 10°C in temperature. However, what to be stored inside will determine the exact temperature. Our cold room can be converted into a freezer room (-20°C to -50°C or more) if a colder option is required. We can provide an ultra-cold room solution as well.

Why use a cold room?

Since cold rooms offer precise temperature control for your food supplies, they are perfect for situations requiring continuous and intense refrigeration and freezing. They are much better than conventional fridges and freezers, particularly if you have a lot of stock.

• Size: Cold rooms offer a lot of storage space, and because of their high cooling capacity, they can be far less expensive to operate than smaller refrigeration equipment. No need to purchase and maintain numerous refrigeration units.

• Location: You can put your cold room either indoors or outdoors, leaving more space in your kitchen for cooking and prep machines. It is perfect for locations with smaller kitchens, but if you put it outside, you’ll need a roof that can withstand the elements.

• Organization: It is easier to keep food or other perishable products properly. Finding things can be easy compared to other storage facilities. Re-stocking of products here is a lot simpler as well.

• Secure: To prevent damage and theft, the majority of models will come with built-in security mechanisms.

• Accessibility: Cold rooms are accessible and easy to use, making them convenient for restocking and grabbing ingredients.

• Energy Efficient: Our cold stores are built to minimize temperature changes. It consumes less energy and regulates the temperature based on your need.

Features Of Cold Room

Cold rooms can contain a variety of additional features, including:

• The majority of our cold stores come with an active automatic defrost system that melts the ice.

• All modern cold rooms come with emergency escape. It has internal buttons that opens the urgent door. Some may also include a panic button inside.

• Interior lights can be either automatic or manually operated.

• Extra shelves can be added if you are loading stock onto trolleys. Additionally, this lessens the high door frame’s potential for tripping hazards.

• Self-closing doors are occasionally used to help lower operating expenses.

Cold Room Installation Procedure

If you would like to purchase a cold room from us, the first step will be to arrange a site survey. Here we’ll check what is suitable for your site and look at measurements, potential obstructions, ventilation, and anything else that could affect the performance. We may schedule an installation at a time and date that works for you once we’ve found a place for the cold room. We’re also available for any repairs and maintenance needed. It id good if something go wrong with your cold room in the future.

As cold room specialists, we’re available to survey your site, supply the cold room equipment, and install it for you. There are a few important factors and details you should be aware of before making your purchase to ensure your cold room is appropriate for your company.