How Do You Maintain Your Commercial Refrigeration Room?

Commercial refrigeration is significant for most food producers and establishments for ensuring safety of superior quality ingredients, maximizing freshness and minimizing waste. However, keeping food fresh and delicious can be bit difficult for larger commercial kitchen or restaurant. It’s simply because of the amount of food they need to be produced on a daily basis.

Shortage of space can cause different issues like tasteless or unhygienic food, food wastage or even the unavailable of food varieties for the customers. Addressing these issues can be easy and fast and most of your commercial kitchen problems can be fixed by investing in commercial refrigeration room.

Generally, commercial refrigeration systems are different from the fridge present at your own home. With the top standard insulation, commercial units work really well in keeping the cold inside and the warmth of kitchen outside. They make sure that you don’t need to throw away your ingredients as soon you’ve delivered them.

It’s necessary to keep the freshness in and warmth out if you are running a commercial restaurant business. Keeping fruits and vegetables at the right temperature will help to keep food from breaking down much faster. Hence, the food will stay fresh for longer.

How Do You Maintain Your Refrigeration Room?

Typically, we store process food, drinks and other perishable items in cold storage rooms or refrigeration rooms. Therefore, the refrigeration room gets dirty and contaminated by harmful bacteria over time. In most circumstances, refrigeration rooms are made from metal insulated panels. It’s better to consider maintenance of cold room panels to avoid damaging the insulated metal panel surface.

When it comes to the upkeep of a refrigeration room, it’s significant to clean the insulated panel surface without damaging it further. If you’re well-informed about them, you can damage the coating that may cause oxidation of the insulated panel. Here are a few things you should keep in mind for the maintenance of refrigeration room:

  • Start cleaning the surface from the top to the bottom part.
  • Always use clean water for rinsing off the surface thoroughly.
  • Take adequate amount of cleaning solution to warm water. Always use the recommended quantity and dilute it.
  • The pH of the cleansing agent should remain between 4 and 9.
  • It’s better to avoid doing high pressure cleaning too closely or upright to the metal insulated panel surface.
  • You should never leave the washing solution getting in touch with the metal sandwich panel surface for over five minutes.
  • You should always use a non-abrasive cleaner to avoid any remaining dirt trace.
  • You need to use clean water for rinsing off the panels very well.

Bottom Line –

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